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The Contest

Are you ready to join the Devil's Own?

For those who are brave enough, rewards wait. Collectible swag, exclusive extras, and signed ARCs of The Devil's Thief are just a few of the rewards you can win. But to win, you have to play.

Complete the challenges. Earn your points. Reap the rewards. 

Click HERE for complete rules and terms.

The Prizes

Signed ARCs of The Devil's Thief (5)

TLM Tote Bags (5)

Exclusive Devil's Own Key Chains (10)

Collectible Bookmarks

Devil's Own Swag Packs

Exclusive Bonus Content from TLM

Sneak Peaks of TDT

Access to the Bella Strega Message Boards

Your Name in the Acknowledgements of TLM3


Grand Prize: 

Signed Copy of The Devil's Thief

TLM Prize Pack 

& Your Name in TLM3

How to Play

1. Sign up for the Devil's Own: 

    Fill out the form below. It's never too late!       

    New members can apply for the next round.

2. Complete Required Challenges for Each Round:

    Each round has 1 mandatory challenge and 

    weekly challenges. Complete 2 of the 3 weeks.

3. Complete Extra Challenges for Extra Entries:

    The more you do, the more chances to win for        each round!

Each Round has guaranteed prizes for all &

 a chance to win an ARC of The Devil's Thief

The Most Entries Wins the Grand Prize!   


Prove Your Loyalty...

After the Magician double-crossed Dolph Saunders and the Devil's Own, those who are left in the Bowery aren't sure who to trust. Maybe you're one of us...or maybe you're just one of the Order's spies. If you want to be one of the Devil's Own, you'll need to prove your loyalty to Dolph's gang and to our cause. For those willing to step up and take the risk, the rewards will be great...

UPDATE: Because of Amazon's new review policy, you can submit your review to Goodreads and ANY book retailer to qualify.

The Devil's Own Is No Longer Taking New Members...

But you can still win awesome prizes!


Join The Last Magician Read Along Sept 3-October 8 

Click HERE to Register


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All through September!